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Glenbrook Water Cooperative Bylaws

The Glenbrook Water Authority Cooperative is committed to providing our community with quality water and water pressure.

Glenbrook Water Cooperative Documents

Glenbrook’s normal system operating pressures are determined by two factors. The first is the elevation of the water storage tank which is approximately 6510 feet. Elevation creates a “head” pressure of 10 psi for every 23 feet of elevation differential. So, for example, if a connection to the system is at the lake level of 6225 feet, it would be 285 feet below the tank and the static head pressure would be 123 psi at this point. The other factor is the pressure caused when the pump activates. This factor varies depending location in the system, but is up to 20 psi. Our pumps send water directly to the tank and are required to run daily. On our pressure zone drawing, the normal operating pressure includes both of these factors. 

Please note that spikes in operating pressure can occur.
Piping and plumbing systems should be designed with a factor of safety. Glenbrook Water Cooperative does not maintain or warrant your piping and plumbing systems for issues caused by normal pressures or pressure spikes. Members are responsible for ensuring that their piping and fixtures are adequate.


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