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The Glenbrook Homeowners Association is here to help however we can. If your questions are not answered below please be sure to contact us.

Where can I find your offices?

Once you have passed the gate just stay on Old Hwy 50 until you see a sign for the HOA on your left. Our offices are on your left. We look forward to seeing you! Here is a Google Map to our offices.

What do we do with our trash?

Every Glenbrook Homeowners Association (GHOA) member is mandated to have trash service. GHOA does not provide this service to members. Many homeowners have individual “bear dumpsters” to accommodate “critter attractant” wastes that should not be put in regular trash as bears and other wild animals are attracted to Glenbrook by such homeowner carelessness. GHOA provides bear-safe dumpsters at all recreational facilities for wastes from that area. Never use these for household wastes or leave any trash outside of any dumpster at any time.

Where can I bring my dog to handle their business?

The Glenbrook Homeowners Association provides “doggie dooty” stations throughout the community for residents to clean up after their pets. The stations provide “poop bags” and a place to dispose of pet waste at the station or nearby.

No animal is permitted in the driveways, roads, streets, walkways, paths, parking areas, hiking paths roads, and parks within the Common Elements unless it is on a leash under the control of a responsible person, and no animal is permitted in any other Common Elements, including, but not limited to, the beaches, unless it is under the control of a responsible person by means of a leash, except animals need not be on leashes when they are in lake.

Persons are responsible for the immediate and sanitary removal of their dog’s wastes. All HOA Rules and Regulations are posted here on the website and Homeowners Directory, or call the office at (775) 749-5266.

How do we handle bear activity around our home?

Remove food, drinks and food wrappers from cars and keep car doors locked. (Bears can open unlocked doors in search of food.

They also look for baby/children seats, drink cups, ice chests. Lip balm, cosmetics and car fresheners are also attractants for bears and other wild animals.)

Lock your home doors and windows.

Keep garage doors CLOSED. Stash your trash. (Use moth balls or crystals in your trash cans, store smelly garbage in freezer and dispose in GHOA provided bear dumpsters at GHOA office.)

DO NOT APPROACH BEARS, especially a mother with cubs or when a bear is eating. They are wild animals and can attack if disturbed. If you must take a picture, use a zoom lens. Many “locals” carry a marine air horn with them when hiking in the forest as most bears are afraid of loud noises. (The air horns can be purchased at sporting goods, hardware stores, WalMart or online at: “Falcon-Safety-Super-Sound-Horn.”)

Questions or Concerns? Call the Bear League 530-7297. For more information, go to Also, Nevada Department of Wildlife: (775)-720-6130 or Emergency Bear Dispatch: (775)-688-1331.

DO NOT CALL THE GHOA OFFICE (GHOA has no way to take care of bear problems). Bears who gain access to unlocked cars and open windows are killed by the Department of Wildlife. They do not get “3 strikes.” Please help keep our wild neighbors alive by not allowing access to our food homes and cars. Bears are only dangerous if we allow them access to food.

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