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Wildland Fire Emergency Procedures

The threat of wildfire requires citizens to be constantly ready to evacuate in a timely manner. The single most important step you can take to be ready for such and event is to develop a family evacuation plan and practice it. Please keep the following principles in mind about evacuation.

  • Leave your home quickly – no more than 5 minutes after notification. Reverse 911 only works for Glenbrook landlines. VOIP and cell phones must be registered with Douglas County 911, this can be done by emailing Ron Sagen
  • Most fire related deaths occur because individuals do not leave promptly. They become enveloped in smoke, involved in accidents, and become disoriented
  • Before leaving your home,
    a. Throw all combustibles off decks, and open gates b. Close all windows and doors;
    b. Dress for fire: Long sleeves and pant legs, hat, gloves, and heavy-duty shoes
  • During evacuation, bring:
    a. Flashlight, medications, water, food, pets (and pet food)
    b. Heirlooms and important documents.
  • Before fire, make a list and practice loading your vehicle
  • When leaving by automobile, stay to right on road to permit emergency vehicle access
    a. Deputy sheriffs and/or Search and Rescue members will be posted to direct traffic
    b. DO NOT attempt to evacuate by Old Highway 50 or Slaughterhouse Canyon Trail. Although these may seem like good alternatives, both have the potential to act as natural chimneys and intensify the fire.
    c. Upon reaching the gatehouse at Highway 50, head for Cave Rock. DO NOT TURN LEFT, unless directed to do so by emergency       personnel.  Attempting to turn left out of Glenbrook will slow traffic, increase possibility of accidents, and slow down the response of emergency units.
  • If evacuation is not possible, the next best strategy is to stay in your home with doors and windows shut. Wait for the advancing wall of fire to pass your home, and then, evacuate your burning home.
  • In some situations, you may be directed to evacuate to the beach or other alternate location.
  • Please carefully review attached evacuation checklist for more detailed instructions.

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