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This letter and enclosures address a proposed legal settlement that requires your attention
The settlement can only become final with the written consent of 172 ghoa members

As your Board of Directors, we feel it important to preface these materials with a personal appeal asking for your thoughtful consideration of these documents. We believe your decision regarding the Settlement Agreement between GHOA and Postmistress Properties L.L.C. and Mr. Lawrence W. Ruvo is one of the most important you will make as members of the Glenbrook Community for years to come. The Settlement isn’t about past grievances, but is about securing a lasting impact on the character of Glenbrook for yourselves, your neighbors, your children and grandchildren.

This Settlement provides many benefits for the Glenbrook community. Most importantly, it:

  • permanently eliminates the potential for commercial use and development of Shakespeare Ranch, which will preserve the beauty and residential character of Glenbrook; and
  • ends the cost of prolonged litigation for all of us.

This is our opportunity to resolve our differences out of court. We, as your elected Board, are unanimous in our support for implementing the Settlement and urge you to return your written consent so we can reach the 75% membership needed for approval. Should you wish to talk further about this vitally important matter, or should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call or email any one of us.

Map Showing Key Provisions of the Settlement

The key provisions of the Settlement Agreement correspond to the numbers on the map shown above. Click each number to learn more.

The Shakespeare Ranch has been in existence since approximately 1873. It is currently owned by Postmistress Properties, L.L.C and Mr. Lawrence W. Ruvo who have maintained the Ranch to exhibit a historical bucolic character. The appearance of Shakespeare Ranch is central to the ambiance of Glenbrook.

GHOA does not own any part of Shakespeare Ranch, but does have certain access easements on parts of the Ranch (some of which are disputed by Postmistress). The easements allow GHOA Members to cross sections (e.g., to get to the Beach) and/or conduct recreational activities (e.g., July 4th or Glenbrook Day activities on the Flagpole Green area).

Portions of Shakespeare Ranch are zoned by Douglas County for commercial use, which, for decades, has prompted concerns amongst Members that Postmistress (or a subsequent owner) might redevelop parts of the Ranch for businesses like a corporate retreat, hotel or restaurant. Such a change in use would dramatically alter the Glenbrook experience we currently enjoy.

A major achievement of the Settlement is the agreement by Mr. Ruvo and Postmistress to eliminate all commercial use of existing structures and by restricting all future development to a maximum of six (6) new custom single-family residences, with five (5) having an option for an adjoining guest house/ garage. No condominiums, townhomes, casinos, corporate retreats, hotels or restaurants can be built. None of the existing structures or these new residential units can be used for a commercial purpose, including no short-term rentals or fractional ownerships. These important limitations are set forth in deed restrictions that will be recorded and bind both Postmistress and any future owner of Shakespeare Ranch, including owners of any new residential units.

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1. Hamlet Meadow

Shakespeare Ranch includes some undeveloped property commonly known as the “Hamlet Meadow,” located to the north, east and south of the existing barns and homes. Although there is a Court Order that GHOA relies upon for its claim that it has easements in Hamlet Meadow, Postmistress vigorously disputes our interpretation, and the existence of this easement right. Postmistress wants to build a new house and guest house on a portion of its land in this area.

Postmistress will transfer ownership of approximately 2.5 acres of Hamlet Meadow to GHOA on the north side of Glenbrook Creek where it will adjoin the land behind the cottage homes on Pray Meadow Road and Glenbrook Inn Road. GHOA will maintain this as open space.

On the tract south of Glenbrook Creek in Hamlet Meadow, Postmistress will have the right to construct one (1) single family residence and one (1) adjoining guest house. Neither will exceed two stories in height and must conform with surrounding residences in design, color and landscaping. A modern design not typical of the Glenbrook Community will not be permitted. These new residential units cannot be used for a commercial purpose (e.g., a short-term rental or fractional ownership). This portion of Hamlet Meadow will be deed restricted to prevent additional development. GHOA members will not have an easement on this area. This home is one of the six (6) mentioned earlier.

2. Glenbrook Pier & Beach

The Glenbrook Pier and the grassy, beach area called the Flagpole Green are a second area where disagreements between GHOA and Postmistress have occurred. Postmistress owns part of the Flagpole Green and beach in front of The Glenbrook Inn. GHOA owns the pier and has recorded easement rights to use both the grass and beach for recreation.

Postmistress transfers ownership to GHOA the portion of the Flagpole Green Area it owns, except for a small parcel along the shoreline. (The remainder of the area is owned by the Carano family who own the Jellerson House) Glenbrook’s easement in front of the Jellerson House is NOT affected by this Settlement.

  • Postmistress transfers ownership of the beach underneath the Glenbrook Pier to GHOA.
  • GHOA has sole authority to regulate the use of the Glenbrook Pier.

The shoreline segment is being retained by Postmistress for littoral (buoy ownership) purposes. GHOA maintains its easement on Postmistress’s new shoreline parcel.

3. Beach Easements

GHOA has easements on beach areas owned by Postmistress Properties that are rarely used by Members. The area is very rocky and contains limited space for any sort of recreational activity. Click on the AFTER button to see how The Settlement changes these easements.

GHOA Members will relinquish our easement rights in front of Mr. Ruvo’s private lakeside residence and on the beach around the Postmistress Pier. Members will not be able to walk on or use these areas if The Settlement is approved.

4. Rodeo Grounds

Shakespeare Ranch includes an area known as the “Rodeo Grounds”. GHOA has a disputed easement to access the Rodeo Grounds. Given its location, few GHOA Members use this area. Click on the After button to see how the Settlement changes this area.

If the Settlement is accepted by 75% of the Members, GHOA will release its access easement on the Rodeo Grounds. GHOA will retain its access easement through the meadow south of the Rodeo Grounds, commonly known as the “Southern Recreational Area.”

Postmistress will construct one (1) single-family residence north of the Rodeo grandstands. This structure cannot exceed two (2) stories in height and cannot be used for a commercial purpose. It must conform with surrounding residences in design, color and landscaping. A modern design not typical of the Glenbrook Community will not be permitted. This home is one of the six (6) total that can be built on Ranch parcels.

By a recorded deed restriction, the Rodeo Grounds, the existing arena, grandstands, barns, and buildings will maintain their current condition, appearance, and square footage. Nothing in this area can used for a different purpose.

Mr. Ruvo will be able to continue to use the Rodeo Grounds for his personal charitable and political fundraising events.
5. Shakespeare Rock Trails

Postmistress has asserted that no one can access Shakespeare Rock by crossing lands it owns on the East side of Highway 50. Click on the after button to see the trails created by The Settlement.

Under the Settlement, Postmistress grants members of the Glenbrook community and their guests the permanent right to access Shakespeare Rock via defined hiking trails shown in white. This new easement will be recorded.

6. Deed Restricted Properties

As noted, Postmistress owns multiple parcels within Shakespeare Ranch that are unencumbered by any claim by GHOA to access easement rights. GHOA has no independent legal right to tell Postmistress what it can or cannot do with these parcels. If Postmistress or a future owner decided to build a hotel, townhomes, corporate retreat, etc. on these parcels, they could potentially do that with approval from Douglas County and TRPA.

Click on the AFTER button to see how the settlement resolves this dispute.

However, if 75% of GHOA Members consent to this Settlement, and Regulatory Approval for the Settlement is obtained, Postmistress agrees to limit future development of these parcels to a maximum of six (6) new single- family homes, five of which with an option for an adjoining guesthouse/garage. None can be used for a commercial purpose. While charitable and political fundraising events, including rodeos, are still allowed; casinos, restaurants, hotels, motels, or service facilities serving the general public, and private membership groups or clubs for members outside the Glenbrook Community, are not allowed.

The Settlement defines a “single-family residence” to mean a free-standing structure with no party wall connected to another single-family residence. No residence can exceed two stories in height.

A “guest house” is defined to mean an accessory residential unit that is smaller than the primary single- family residence and shares the same lot (that cannot be subdivided) and is under common ownership. None of these residential units can be used for a commercial purpose. At the present time, Postmistress does not have plans or renderings for these single-family residences and guest houses.

Postmistress must get approval for construction of these new residential units. Under the Settlement, if approval by Douglas County or TRPA is not obtained, this is not grounds to terminate the Settlement.

In other words, if they are not approved, GHOA still enjoys the many benefits of the settlement.

PLEASE NOTE: These limitations on the use and density of the Postmistress-owned parcels are a substantial benefit of the Settlement for GHOA’s Members. We could not have achieved these limits on the future use and density of Shakespeare Ranch in the absence of the concessions agreed to by Mr. Ruvo and Postmistress as set forth in the Settlement Agreement.

In your evaluation of the Settlement, please keep these three things in mind:
  • The Settlement is a global resolution of all outstanding disputes between the parties, including mutual releases of all claims covered by the Settlement – whether known or unknown or suspected to exist. In other words, we are “wiping the slate clean” with respect to the disputes.
  • The Settlement is durable and enforceable through the recordation of the Exhibits that are attached as 1- 10 to the Settlement Agreement and Mutual Releases. They include deed restrictions that bind present and future owners of Shakespeare Ranch. In other words, the Settlement will redefine the parties’ relationships going forward.
  • Finally, if 75% of the Members do not consent to the Settlement, there is no settlement. This means that GHOA will have to defend the pending litigation filed by Postmistress in June 2021 and in that same litigation GHOA will assert all of its cross-claims against Postmistress. This will be complex and lengthy litigation, involving extensive pre-trial discovery and a trial.

While trial outcomes may be hard to predict, the Board can predict with some certainty that this litigation will last several years and be very expensive. This expense will not be covered by Members’ annual dues. Rather, it will be necessary for GHOA to make one or more special assessments to finance the cost of the litigation. The Settlement avoids all this while providing the many substantial benefits discussed above.

In closing, GHOA has invested substantial time and attorneys’ fees to get to this point. The GHOA Board strongly believes that the Settlement provides substantial benefits to you, the Members. We look forward to working with all of you to obtain the 75% level of consent needed to implement the Settlement. Thank you for your time and attention to this request.

You may provide consent by:

Selecting one of the options below, and either submitting an online DocuSign signature, or printing out the consent form, signing it and returning the signed letter to the GHOA Office in person, or by mail. The mailing address is: GHOA, P.O. Box 447, Glenbrook, NV 89413

Or, by using one of the electronic options below:

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The GHOA Board
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